From Processing to Profit

Increase revenue with Smarter LifeStyle Network by turning your reception and processing areas into a profit center:

  • Promote products and high-margin services to increase revenue
  • Your salon receives an advertising revenue share
  • Increase client satisfaction and loyalty

Cross promote other in-network services or market additional products and high-margin services with Smarter LifeStyle Network. Some salons have realized a 35% increase in retail product sales!

Custom programming is synced between tablets and video monitors in your waiting area. Your custom message reaches patients through both video and interactive content. Inform clients of these additional services because many times, they may be unaware!

With SLN, you receive a portion of the advertising revenue. As you educate and entertain your clients with custom programming, you also receive a percentage of the advertising that is sold in your office or locations. Video and interactive content displayed in your location will never include any DTC Pharma ads, no personal injury attorney, no vices: tobacco, alcohol, gaming/gambling. No controversial or objectionable content. Just consumer products and services that support a healthy and Smarter LifeStyle.

How SLN Works

When a client walks in to your reception area, they are handed a tablet to complete a check in and a client survey. The tablet has other entertaining and educational content which transforms their wait time into a valuable experience. Client Satisfaction Surveys allow you to gather information and make improvements regularly. When client satisfaction is improved, client retention and loyalty are more likely.

When clients are processing, it is the perfect time to hand them a tablet again.  They’ll see your styles in STYLEBOOK, read about helpful tips in STYLE ADVICE and learn all about your products and services in the ABOUT section.  Use the tablet as a tool to help stylists, who may otherwise be uncomfortable selling, help them to relieve pressure.

Make your salon memorable.  Keep clients coming back:  Increase client loyalty, market high-margin retail products and services.  On top of that, your salon will receive an advertising revenue share.

With Smarter LifeStyle Network, your processing and reception areas become a profit center.

Key Benefits

  • Educate and inform your clients about staff, products, services and community initiatives
  • Inform and entertain clients with Smarter LifeStyle Network’s engaging programming
  • Customize the programming wheel
  • Increase revenues by marketing your high margin products
  • Advertising Revenue Share per office per month
  • Decrease perceived wait times with interactive tablets that provide true engagement instead of embarrassing network TV
  • One time set up for equipment, installation, updates, or maintenance.