Start A Two-Way Conversation

Patient satisfaction is subjective and complex. Smarter LifeStyle Network can give your office insight into patient opinions and experiences. By simply handing your patients a tablet at check-in and allowing them to easily complete a patient survey, you transform their wait time. With Smarter LifeStyle Network, you start a two-way conversation. The SLN survey tool provides your office a unique opportunity to learn more directly from your patients at the point of care. The best part is…you control the conversation.
Empowering patients through education and entertainment with Smarter LifeStyle Network also reduces perceived wait times. Custom programming synced between tablets and video monitors in your waiting area allows you to share your story and information about your practice or locations with patients. Provide customized patient education on SLN – even explain procedures and services. Informed patients are more likely to be satisfied patients.
Additionally, the data from SLN patient survey answers can have a direct impact on your office environment, patients and even staff.  Use the data results to make positive changes that could impact HCAHPS answers and potentially increase your reimbursements.

Collect Data at the Point of Care

When patients are satisfied, educated and compliant, they are happier and more likely to return to your practice.  Patient satisfaction leads directly to patient loyalty.  Put SLN to work for you and use the data collected to increase not only patient satisfaction but staff morale and productivity as well.

Ignite a two-way conversation in your office with Smarter LifeStyle Network. Educate and inform patients and allow them to educate and inform you on their experience through the PATIENT SURVEY tool located right at their fingertips on the SLN tablets.

Increase the flow of information. Keep patients coming back and continue to grow their satisfaction. Increase staff morale and professional satisfaction.  Keep reimbursements at the highest level.

Knowledge is power.  Unleash the power of the Smarter LifeStyle Network.  Schedule your demo today.

Key Benefits

  • Educate and inform your patients about staff, practices, procedures, or community initiatives
  • Inform and entertain patients with Smarter LifeStyle Network’s engaging programming
  • Customize the programming wheel with content provided by your health system for system wide marketing opportunities.
  • Increase revenues by marketing your high margin procedures
  • Advertising Revenue Share per office per month
  • Decrease perceived wait times with interactive tablets that provide true engagement instead of embarrassing network TV
  • Local content is provided for each DMA. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle content from national experts is HIPAA compliant without privacy issues
  • One time set up for equipment, installation, updates, or maintenance.