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Smarter LifeStyle Network is perfect for health care providers who want to educate, entertain and engage their patients. Click below to learn more.

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Control the Conversation

Smarter LifeStyle Network provides hospital systems, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, natropaths and more, with cutting edge technology in order to build strong patient relationships .
With an emphasis on customer service, integrity, and professionalism, Smarter LifeStyle Network™ offers a truly unique solution to help healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction, cross-promote their services, and educate at the point of care.

Educate and entertain your patients with high quality programming on how to prevent or manage common health issues. Smarter LifeStyle Network also provides beauty segments, travel tips, interactive health trivia local weather and important inner office information.

Key Benefits

  • Educate and inform your patients about staff, practices, procedures, or community initiatives
  • Inform and entertain patients with Smarter LifeStyle Network’s engaging programming
  • Customize the programming wheel with content provided by your health system for system wide marketing opportunities.
  • Increase revenues by marketing your high margin procedures
  • Decrease perceived wait times with interactive tablets that provide true engagement instead of embarrassing network TV
  • Local content is provided for each DMA. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle content from national experts is HIPAA compliant without privacy issues
  • One time cost for equipment, installation, updates, or maintenance.

Improve Patient Experience

Patients experience 40% overall decrease in perceived wait times, which makes your office a more memorable one. Word of mouth from happy patients is the most effective and least expensive way to grow your medical practice.

Adding Smarter LifeStyle Network will now also give you a way to communicate and promote all of your office services and gives your patients an opportunity to get to know your staff, office policies and procedures.

Patient retention is increased leading to a more profitable practice.