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SLN will be at Data Driven Salon 2017

Are you or someone you know headed to Atlanta in June for The Data Driven Salon 2017?  Smarter LifeStyle Network will be there!  Read more from Salon Today.

“Your numbers are talking. Are you listening? Learn how to leverage your data to grow your business.

The Data-Driven Salon 2017 will provide a deep-dive into the metrics of “salon success.” We’ll take full advantage of the data resources of ZeeZor and Salon Today to share with participants how they “stack up” against the most successful salons. Related to this we will provide benchmarks and related best practices – from the industry’s leading salon owners and experts – to help participants drive improvement in a range of areas including retail and service sales, engagement, marketing and retention.
We’ll look at the role of technology in today’s salon, and how different salons are using data, digital tools, and online and social activities to drive their business.
This will be a peer-driven, hands-on experience, bringing together top salon owners and managers – all committed to success – in a facilitated and structured environment where they can better learn how to put data and technology to work for them.”


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What successful owners have to say about leveraging data to drive success:

“As far as I’m concerned, the effective use of data will be the defining trait of successful salons in the future. At Gene Juarez, data isn’t a tool, it’s an obsession.”
-Scott Missad, owner of the Gene Juarez Salons and Spas in Seattle, Washington

“Running a salon is a lot like flying an airplane–pilots don’t fly by looking at the ground, they use instruments. Well, data is our instrument. If you run your business without your instruments, you can only go as high as you can see, BUT when you understand how to read your data, you can soar above the clouds,”
-Robert Cromeans, owner of the Robert Cromeans Salons in San Diego and Las Vegas

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