Learn More. Earn More.

Entertain your clients while they wait with fresh fashion, beauty and health content that plays through interactive tablets and LCD TVs in your waiting or processing areas.

Bring YOUR marketing to LIFE with interactive touch screen technology that allows your clients to participate in surveys and contests and empowers them to send coupons or free trials directly to their email or phone via text.

Increase your bottom line while EARN A REVENUE SHARE  simply for installing Smarter LifeStyle Network in your salon. Advertised product promotions lead to increased sales and the interactive experience provides a more entertaining and engaging client visit. Learn more. Earn more.

Ready? Here’s Why:

Smarter LifeStyle Network in Salon Today    As seen in Salon Today! Read about how Izzazu Salon Owners have used Smarter LifeStyle Network!  

  • 11.6″ Interactive tablets and LCD television screens provide engaging experience to captive viewers in salon reception and processing areas throughout the country
  • High quality, healthy lifestyle content with a focus on wellness. Signature segments cover fitness, healthy recipes, lifestyle, beauty and more.
  • Local weather updates based on location
  • Program is looped every 2-hours and is digitally delivered via the internet
  • Content is synced between tablets and TV automatically
  • Collect feedback from clients to improve services

Get Set: Here’s the benefit

Through synchronized programming on interactive tablets and televisions in the reception area and in key processing areas throughout the salon Smarter LifeStyle network offers engaging programming for salon clientele.

Smarter LifeStyle Network Salon venues not only saw a 35% increase in retail product sales, they also receive an advertising revenue share!

Just like a stylist perfects the right color, Smarter LifeStyle Network blends just the right media mix:

  • Interactive Pages about your salon
  • Sponsor content specific to your salon
  • Client satisfaction or service surveys
  • Contests
  • Traditional television spots
  • In-Salon Promotions
  • Data Capture
  • Sampling & Coupons

Shear Influence

  • Bring your marketing to life.
    • Smarter LifeStyle network allows you to bring your marketing and promotions front and center with personalized salon content that you provide!
  • Show your price list and alternative services
    • Raise awareness of your variety of services to expand your business
  • Increase retail sales
    • Add a product guide that allows clients to see all of the products that you offer so that they can choose what they will purchase before they leave the salon.
  • Request Client Feedback
    • Find out more about your client and their salon experience.

Salons that advertised product promotions saw up to 67% increase in specific product sales.

Sponsored product promotions featuring a gift with purchase resulted in up to 30% increase in product sales

Color promotions advertised on Smarter LifeStyle Network resulted in an increase of up to 15% in color bookings

Processing Time

Got a minute? How about ninety?

On average, our viewer spends 90 minutes in the company of her professional styling team. Some spend less, but most spend much more.

Wait times average 30 minutes and processing time can be much longer.

Now with Smarter LifeStyle Network, she spends this time with your messages.

Salon clientele are now comfortably viewing quality programming, or interacting with your salon’s messages with Smarter LifeStyle Network instead of picking through tattered fashion magazines or impatiently staring at the clock.

Now, they are looking at your stylebook on the interactive tablet, reading more about your salon, products, services and more.

And you have the opportunity to ask them questions through the client surveys, collect their feedback, let them know about new services, offer coupons or conduct surveys and contests, all for their benefit.

During this opportunity, you can increase the value and relevance your brand has in their life—all while increasing revenue at the salon.