Grow Your Dental Practice

Market High Margin Services to Increase Revenue

Smarter LifeStyle Network provides dentists with a means of marketing their higher margin services bringing revenue back to the practice. Engaging and entertaining programming on traditional televisions syncs to tablets and educates patients on healthy living topics.

Share information about your practice to help to transform the average office wait time into an opportunity to discover pertinent information about your patients, while shortening their perceived wait time.

Empower Patient Experience

Patients experience 40% overall decrease in perceived wait times, which makes your office a more memorable one. Word of mouth from happy patients is the most effective and least expensive way to grow your practice.

Adding Smarter LifeStyle Network provides you with an opportunity to:

  • communicate with your patients
  • promote your office services
  • introduce your staff to your patients
  • inform patients office policies and procedures.

Patient retention is increased leading to a more profitable practice.