Smarter LifeStyle Tips: Creativity through Nature

Creativity through nature is the Smarter LifeStyle Tip of the day from our friends at Spirituality & Health Magazine. 

The original article from Spirituality & Health Magazine, written by Ruth Wilson explains how she has nurtured  her own personal creativity through nature.  Read more of Ms. Wilson’s article below:


Nurturing Creativity Through Nature

Here are 5 suggestions on how you might look to nature to enhance your own creativity.

As an educator and writer, I look to creativity as one of my most important tools.  I know that without a dose of creativity my lectures and writings will be dull and uninspiring. Yet, creativity isn’t something I can find on a shelf or summon as needed. Even with all the wonders of the internet, there’s no website I can use to tap into the wellspring of creative thinking.

But I have found a place that helps me and inspires me when I feel stuck or stymied or need some new ideas. I go to nature. At times, I’ll get up from my desk and take a walk. At other times, I just pause and look out the window to take in the view of the sky and the trees in our yard.

I know there are others, too, who look to nature to nurture their creativity.  I currently work as curator of an online research library promoting the reconnection of children with nature. These studies show that time in nature promotes more creative play, increased problem-solving skills, and improved attention.  Even images of nature can lead to more creative thinking.

One study found that high school students performed more creatively on a drawing task when images of natural environments were displayed before and during the drawing exercise. Another study, focusing on younger children, shows that play behaviors in natural environments tend to be more social and creative than play on traditional playgrounds.  This creativity is demonstrated, in part, through dramatic play where children often use natural “loose parts” (such as twigs, stones, pinecones, etc.) to represent something else.  A small branch, for example, becomes a magic wand or water and leaves become a pot of soup.

Some studies speak to the restorative properties of nature as an opening to more creative thought. They use the term “attention restoration theory” in reference to the way time in nature can replenish or restore our capacity for directed attention. They also use the term “stress reduction theory” when referring to the impact of nature experience on reducing stress and thereby improving our ability to think creatively.

Here are several suggestions on how you might look to nature to enhance your own creativity.

  1. Take a “nature break.”  Get outside and take a walk where you can experience the sights and sounds of nature. Daily tasks tend to take a toll on our ability to concentrate. They can also lead to a buildup of stress. Most of us know from experience that both attention fatigue and stress get in the way of creativity. Taking a nature break is one way to restore our ability to think creatively, but it’s not just about thinking—nature breaks also touch us at the feeling level. Don’t be surprised, if after a nature break, you’re not only thinking more clearly, you’re also inspired to express yourself in more creative ways…..”

Read More at Spirituality & Health Magazine Online.


Thank you to Spirituality & Health Magazine and this author Ruth Wilson.  

Healthy Eating: Pittsburgh Union Standard

By Jessica Cook

In Pittsburgh, new restaurants are opening up so frequently it’s hard to keep track of them all! One of the newest additions to our dining scene, however, has been so highly anticipated that many of us scoured social media and press releases regularly for any news of opening day: Union Standard, Chef Derek Stevens first restaurant in the beautifully renovated Union Trust Building downtown. Chef Stevens has been at the helm of many of Pittsburgh’s most acclaimed kitchens, but is best known for his decade plus of the elevated American cuisine he created at Eleven in the Strip District. While Chef Stevens himself is known for being a huge proponent of health and fitness, the local, seasonal fare you will find at Union Standard can be just as calorie laden as the food at other restaurants of it’s caliber. Here are some tips to help you make the healthiest choices on this new, exciting menu that features preparations traditional to the Mid Atlantic, Northeast and Appalachian regions of the United States.


  • Don’t miss the raw bar! The raw bar at Union Standard is, in many ways, the centerpiece of the sharp, minimalistic of the bar itself. Grab a local Fighting Elleck cider from Arsenal Cider House or a glass of sparkling if you’d like something to sip on. These dry options are lower in carbs and calories than cocktails and beer, and will compliment the seafood you’re about to enjoy. Oysters, clams, shrimp and even the crab legs here are all extremely fresh and nutritious. Shellfish in general are high in protein and low in fat. They are also a great source of nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Oysters and clams in particular have some of nature’s highest concentrations of zinc, iron and B12. Enjoying these items raw also imparts added benefits– the cooking process often leaches important vitamins and minerals from food. If raw seafood is too adventurous for you, go for the Oyster and Clam Stew in the “Firsts” section of the menu.
  • Go light on the bar snacks. This is the section of the menu where you ought to treat yourself sparingly or skip altogether. Most of these small, yet satisfying portions, are deep fried. If you have to choose just one, go for the smelts. They are lightly breaded, very delicious, and hard to find other places. Skip the aioli dipping sauce and opt for a squeeze of lemon. If you’d like to try any additional bar snacks, just go lighter through the rest of your meal. Remember that going out to eat, especially at fine dining restaurants, should be saved for special occasions– high-end menu items are often even worse for you than fast food! So don’t deny yourself something that sounds amazing for the sake of making your whole meal healthy. You are there to splurge and treat yourself, after all. Richer food can also make you feel full faster and longer, so don’t shy away from anything service staff or friends say you must try. Just listen to your body and modify your meal accordingly.
  • Be careful with the salads. Salads are a go-to for people trying to eat healthy, but on fine dining menus, they’re often the most calorie-laden and least nutritious items on the menu. Always ask your server or bartender how dressings are prepared, and ask to have them on the side whenever possible. Watch out especially for the beets here, which are laden with natural sugar and then seasoned with molasses. Of the three salad options, the Brussels Sprout, Castelfranco and Bibb salad with boiled miso dressing is your best bet. You could also skip salads altogether and try the Sea Scallops for your appetizer instead, which are flavorful, light and have more filling, lean protein than other options.
  • Get the chicken. Chicken, much like salads, are one of the first things people think to order when they’re trying to eat healthy. At Union Standard, you can stick to this piece of conventional wisdom. The chicken entree is probably it’s healthiest, with the hearty greens and sweet onion salad that accompany it. It is cooked on a wood-fired rotisserie, which imparts great flavor without the need to add too much extra salt or oil. If any of the other mains grab your attention, however, the beef options in particular stand out. Most of the proteins you’ll find at Union Standard– particularly the cuts from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch– are local and grass-fed, making them far more nutritious than entree options you’ll find at many other local restaurants.

Jessica Cook enjoys writing about healthy options for a Smarter LifeStyle.  

union standard jessica cook

Happy Oral Health Day

Oral Health Magazine recently shared a post about the global public oral health.

Smarter LifeStyle Network allows dentists to educate patients through videos and interactive tablets where patients can learn more about the latest best oral health practices.  

This article appeared originally on March 20,2017 at Oral Health. Thank you to Oral Health Magazine for giving us permission to share with our audience. 

“Today on World Oral Health Day, FDI World Dental Federation is myth busting what people around the world believe to be good oral health practices, encouraging them to become better informed and take action. Oral health is integral to our general health and well-being; impacting every aspect of our lives.

The results from a survey carried out in 12 countries, by YouGov on behalf of FDI, exposed a significant gap between what people believe to be good oral health practices, versus what they actually do. Eight of the countries reported that 50 percent or more of the people surveyed think it is important to brush your teeth straight after every main meal. Brazil, Mexico, Egypt and Poland were the worst offenders of this incorrect oral health practice (84%, 81%, 62% and 60% respectively). FDI recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth to avoid weakening tooth enamel.
“These survey results highlight an alarming discrepancy between knowledge and actual good oral health practices,” said Dr Patrick Hescot, FDI President. “We want everyone to take control of their oral health this World Oral Health Day and understand that by adopting good oral hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors and having a regular dental check-up, they can help protect their mouths. A healthy mouth allows us to speak, smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow and convey a range of emotions with confidence and without pain, discomfort and disease. Good oral health matters and translates to a better quality of life.”

Read the rest of the Article.

To learn more about World Oral Health Day. 

This article appeared originally on March 20,2017 at Oral Health. Thank you to Oral Health Magazine for giving us permission to share with our audience. 

SLN Dental Dentist

About the Featured Photo: Edgewood Dental Associates uses Smarter LifeStyle Network to engage and educate patients about proper oral health. An associate hands a patient a tablet as he checks in for his appointment. Photo by: Frank Olma, Olma Photography.

About the Featured Photo: Edgewood Dental Associates uses Smarter LifeStyle Network to engage and educate patients about proper oral health. An associate hands a patient a tablet as he checks in for his appointment. Photo by: Frank Olma, Olma Photography. 

Rock Star Color: Modern Salon

A big thank you to Modern Salon Magazine for sharing their talent with our readers! The article is originally from Modern Salon September 2016 by Beauty and Fashion Director, Maggie Mulhern. 
Color Conversion: The Rock Star Tweak 

By Maggie Mulhern

Smarter LifeStyle Network Modern Salon
“Joy is the quintessential rock star,” says Eva Scrivo of her singer, songwriter and voice coach client. “She has been making music for almost all of her life. At 57, she rides her bicycle all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, is active and energetic, and is clearly not defined by her age. I wanted to give her a look that embodied that youthful feel.”Scrivo, known as the “Princess of Balayage,” knew some well placed highlights (to brighten the look) and lowlights (for dimension), along with a slight color conversion through a neutral toning, would bring out the best in her rocker client.

Read the rest of the article at Modern Salon

Smarter LifeStyle Tips: Recognizing the Importance of Rest

Thank you to Spirituality & Health Magazine for allowing us to share their tips for a Smarter LifeStyle with our readers.  Recognizing the Importance of Rest

By: Kalia Kelmenson

We are a culture of go-getters. Often we feel guilty for taking a break and stepping away from our work. Recent research shows that it may be that stepping away is the very thing we need in order to be more creative and productive.

When you have had a long day at the office, you may be tempted to drop into the couch with a glass of wine and the remote control, but this form of turning off may not be the one that actually restores you. In his recent book Rest: Why you Get More Done when you Work Less, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang explores the world of deeply restorative and deliberate down time. It turns out that tapping into your creative potential includes some very important acts of tuning out the focused mind. Try these new ideas for rest the next time you feel empty of ideas or energy:

Read the rest of Kalia Kelmenson’s blog at Spirituality & Health…

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Inspired Make Up: Modern Salon

Smarter LifeStyle Network is coming to a salon near you.  We are grateful to Modern Salon to share their expertise in the beauty industry to our viewers.

Smarter LifeStyle Network is in better health and beauty locations, and is unique in that video is synced to monitors and interactive tablets.  Clients and Patients can interact with the venue directly through specific surveys, to get coupons, or to review educational information or check out the salon’s latest style.

Today, we share an article originally published on that was written by Jamie Newman.

Spring is around the corner, right?

Read a piece of the article below, and to find out the step-by-step process, click the link to visit



7-Step Greenery-Inspired Makeup Look

Jamie Newman | January 30, 2017 | 11:20 AM
“With a disposable eye shadow sponge applicator, I pressed in the beautiful bright green from Aqua Pear Eye Color Trio to the center of the eye lid,” Skubis says. “When viewed from different angles, the multiple colors shift from the dark brown to the bright metallic green. So pretty!”
Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery, a vibrant yellow-green, and according to Pantone, the color is meant to celebrate new beginnings and the desire to rejuvenate and revitalize.Green symbolizes life, energy, ambition, harmony, financial success and more, an ethereal and inspiring outlook for the year ahead.Dare to experiment with shades of nature’s neutral color—from bright key lime to toned-down sage—in clients’ beauty looks. Whether it be a twist on a smokey eye, blend of bold hair color, emerald manicure or swipe of jade eyeliner, green can give an unexpected pop to a guest’s look who typically stays within a range of neutral hues.”

Read the Rest of the Article at



GenOne Media Group at Hire Up Event

Today, GenOne Media Group will be attending Pittsburgh Tech Council’s Hire Up Event.

smarter lifestyle network pittsburgh tech council hire up event

GenOne Media Group:  Here’s a little about us at Smarter LifeStyle Network.

The opportunity for an exclusive channel to exert real influence at a critical time and place is here.  GenOne Media Group has leveraged decades of digital out-of-home advertising experience along with the latest in tablet technology to create an unparalleled interactive media offering.

Smarter LifeStyle Network brings high-tech and high-touch interactivity, and shows the latest in fashion, beauty and wellness programming on high-def screens and tablets placed throughout high-traffic and high dwell time waiting and reception areas in health, dental, and beauty venues.

Customized content on Smarter LifeStyle network includes information about the business, retail products or high margin services. Clients can interact and engage through surveys, coupons, contests and more.   According to market research companies, digitally derived alternative media has been show to have a substantially higher recall than that of traditional media.

Smarter LifeStyle Network:  Engage.  Educate.  Entertain.

GenOne Media Group is in need of Marketing Interns to become ambassadors for the brand in our locations.  These interns will be trained to interact with the technology as well as business owners and clients in their reception area.  This is an opportunity to learn in a fast-paced high-tech environment

Graphic artists and web developers are needed for our team to provide high quality art and production quality assets for marketing, development and network production departments.

Smarter LifeStyle Network Sponsors

Where Quantity Meets Quality

Smarter LifeStyle Network is a digital out-of-home network that is placed strategically in venues with quality dwell times. Tablets and traditional televisions play customizable health, wellness, and general lifestyle video segments with familiar 30- second commercials throughout.

This combination allows consumers to interact with the brands through the buttons or ads on the tablet, and the brand reaches consumers at the point of consideration.

Smarter LifeStyle Network gives advertisers something new that no other company can offer: brands are literally in the hands of the consumers.

Consumers are called to action and empowered to engage with the content. Coupons, free trial offers, contest entries or requests for more information are all at their fingertips-in a trusted venue.

What would you pay to be in your customers’ hands? Literally.

Key Features:

  • 11.6” interactive tablets
  • Video synced between tablets and TV
  • Traditional :30 Commercial Spot
  • Interactive digital ads
  • Sponsored Content


  • Target consumers by specific demographic in real time
  • Hyper-local content customization
  • 62% ad awareness
  • Data capture
  • 40% improvement in branding and recall of advertisement


  • Over 2000 viewers/venue/month
  • Average wait time = 24 minutes
  • Up to 60% Click Through Rate

• Average Dwell Time = 8 minutes

Smarter LifeStyle: Meditation 

Smarter LifeStyle tips and tricks for today! Meditate.

Did you know that meditation is proven to ease stress, allow for better productivity and can even make you more compassionate? Well, all of those things are possible.

Meditation doesn’t have to be done on a mat in a yoga studio or spiritual center, it can be done before while you’re getting ready in the morning or any time you have to be quiet.

Meditation can focus on the following: breathing, a specific object, an image or a mantra.

You focus on whatever you choose and you sit, walk, or lie down.

Just doing this for a set amount of time each day could have wonderful impacts on your health and productivity.

Today’s tip for a Smarter LifeStyle: Meditation.